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John Speed. A New Description of Carolina 1676. 51 cm x 37 cm. Color, excellent condition. $$$$


Henri Hondius. Mappa Aestivarum Insularum Alias Barmudas. Ca. 1640. 52 cm x 39 cm. Full contemporary color.

One of the classic Dutch maps of Bermuda. A list of the Lords Proprietors with their share ownership, correlated with lot positions on the map forms the focus of this cartographic depiction. $$


Cornelius Wytfliet. Anian Regnum, Ca. 1597. 29 cm. x 23 cm. Black and white.

Mapping of California from the first atlas devoted to regional maps of America, Descriptionis Ptolemaeici Augumentum. The atlas was produced for the council secretary of Brabant. For the maps, Wytfliet drew upon various sources, including Gerhard Mercator's world map of 1569, Peter Plancius' world map of 1592 as well as various manuscript maps and travel accounts to which he had access. This is second printed map of California and the northwest (The first, by de Jode, 1593, is rarely available) and is therefore of seminal importance in California cartography. $$$


Henri Hondius. Nova Virginiae Tabula, Ca. 1640. 48 cm x 36 cm. Full contemporary color.

Based on the John Smith prototype map of Virginia, this is the earliest map of this area to delineate the Chesapeake Bay with any accuracy. The vignettes which adorn the map were taken from John White's drawings which appeared in Grand Voyages by De Bry. Usually accepted as one of the most decorative of the early regional maps of America.  $$

John Speed, New England, 1676. 48 cm x 37 cm. Black and White.

This is one of the prototypical foundation maps of New England/New York, and one of the few English mappings available in the 17th century of their settlement areas in the New World. $$$

Charles Wilkes.  Map of Part of the Island of Hawaii, US Geological Survey, 1841.  60 cm x 39 cm.  Original color. 

Extraordinarily rare view of the Big Island in Hawaii from the Wilkes expedition.  In mint condition and beautiful delicate color.  Only a few hundred copies were printed and some were lost at sea.  Nearly unobtainable in this condition and color.  $$$


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