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Henricus Hondius. Asia Recens Summa Cura Delineata, 1641. 50 cm x 38 cm. Contemporary color.

The famed map of the Asian continent which appeared in the Mercator-Hondius atlases. $$


Cornelius De Jode. Novae Guineae Forma & Situs, 1593. 21.5 cm x 34 cm. Black and white.

Extraordinarily rare mapping of the eastern part of Australia. The first separate map of this continent ever printed. $$$$$



John Speed. A Newe Mape of Tartary, 1626. 40 cm x 51 cm. Beautiful full color. First edition.

A magnificent map of northeastern Asia, which also shows the westernmost tip of North America. The first edition of this map is scarce. This is one of the classic maps of the early period of decorative cartography which is surrounded by figured borders showing the people and cities ( such as Samarkand) of the area. $$


Mercator-Hondius.  Insulae Indiae Orientalis Praecipuae, ca. 1606.  48 cm x 35 cm.  Contemporary color, highlighted in gold. 

This is often considered the most beautiful of all early maps of Asia.  The topology of the islands and ocean expanses, along with the beautiful original color of this example, makes this one of the most attractive maps of the renowned seventeenth century Dutch school.  $$$


Jodocus Hondius.   Asiae Nova Descriptio Auctore,  ca. 1606.  50 cm x 37 cm. Magnificent original color. 

Hondius's glorious map of Asia with its characteristic stepped cartouche, or magnificent early color.  $$$


Henri Chatelain, Carte De L'Isle de Java Partie Occidentale Partie Orientale,  ca. 1720. Two sheets, each measuring 44 cm x 38 cm.  Black and white, excellent condition, full margins. 

A large two sheet detailed map of Java by Chatelain.  It is uncommon to find both sheets in excellent condition and with similar comparable impressions. $$


Jan Janssonius.  Indiae Orientalis Nova Descriptio,  ca. 1630. 50 cm x  39 cm.   Original color, excellent condition.

Another of the classic Dutch maps of Southeast Asia in beautiful early color. $$


V. Coronelli.  Isole dell' Indii divise in Filippine, Molucche e della Sonda, ca. 1696.  61 cm x  45 cm.   Black and white.  Excellent condition. 

Coronelliís strongly engraved bold presentation of Southeast Asia in a stunning black and white (as it should be) example.  $$



Ptolemy. Frisius, Tabula Nova Indiae Orientalis & Meridionalis, 1535.  43 cm x 30 cm.   Black and white,  excellent condition.

A foundation map for Asia.  This is the first printed map to focus on the Southeast Asian islands and, indeed, the only map to focus on this area in the 16th century.  $$$


I. Heyd. Asia (no title), 18th century.  22 cm x 25 cm.  Black and white. 

A very rare, meticulously and elegantly engraved map of southeast Asia by Heyd.  This beautiful engraving is almost never seen on the market.  $$


Giovanni Mazza. Asia Nova Descriptio, 1589.  35 cm x 46 cm.  Full contemporary color. 

The extraordinary Mazza map of Asia.  A Lafreri school map of legendary rarity: only a handful of copies are known and this is the only one known to us in original color.  Mazza is known to have produced maps of the four continents.   Following recent study 1) of Mazza's America map and its redating to 1589, it is likely that the same date applies to the others.  We have not seen the Mazza Asia on the market in 30 years.  $$$$

1)R.F. Casten and T. Suarez, TMC (1998). 


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