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We do not give specific prices for the maps listed but rather a "price guide" according to the following scheme:


Map or Atlas price range

Symbol used

Less than $1000


$1000 to $3000


$3000 to $5000


$5000 to $10000


More than $10000


More than $15,000


We have what we think are excellent reasons for this somewhat unusual approach to Web-site pricing policy, which go the very heart and future of map collecting. These reasons relate to the difficulty of specifying condition and other information specific to each map in a web site forum, to the very personal nature of map collecting, and to the nature and efficiency (or lack thereof) of the antique map market. We realize that this approach imposes an extra step in the consideration of any map we list (namely contacting us for a specific price, and for details about each map--details of condition, color, rarity, and so on) and perhaps the approach won't work, but we feel very strongly that it is in the long-term interests of both collectors and dealers and are happy to discuss this with anyone who asks.


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